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Best Backpacks 2020 - Rucksacks for Hiking and Travelling - NextLevelTips.com
Best Backpacks 2020 – Rucksacks for Hiking and Travelling

Best Backpacks 2020 – Rucksacks for Hiking and Travelling

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Hello and welcome to NextLevelTips.com’s guide to choosing the best backpacks for hiking, travelling, trekking and for urban use!

Best Hiking Backpack

Our goal is to find the best backpack for your needs. Why did we decide to write this guide? Easy, because we are lovers of nature, hiking and outdoor activities and in all these situations it is necessary to have a great rucksack!

What Do You Use Your Backpack For?

Of course hiking is just one of the most important activities you need the best backpack for. There are several other situations where one of the best backpacks is recommended.

Just think of when we move through the city. If you are a student, or if you need to reach the workplace by taking public transportation (metro, bus, etc.) or simply if you often travel by bike or on foot through the town, you will definitely need a rucksack to hold your laptop, replacement clothes or your personal effects in general.

Another situation where having the best backpack is highly recommended is during travel, for example by plane (as hand luggage) or by train.

As you can see, you need to focus on the type of use you intend to make of your new backpack.

Are you going to have some occasional walk on the hills (perhaps lasting only a few hours), or explorations of many days on mountain trails around the world?

Backpack Pockets

Do you plan to use your backpack mainly in the city? Do you need a backpack that has a compartment specifically designed for your laptop?

How many things (and how big) do you usually carry around with you? And more: do you want to use the backpack as hand luggage for your next air travel?

In case the type of use is not too intensive, we’d better look for the best backpack without spending too much. In the most challenging cases we will necessarily have to rely on a 100% professional backpack!

How Big Should a Backpack Be?

One of the most important features is probably volume (expressed in liters) of the backpack, mainly depending on the duration of our hike (from a few hours to several days) and the difficulty of it. There is no absolute rule, but if for short and not very demanding excursions 25/30 liters could be enough, for explorations of more days 50 or more liters of volume could be necessary.

Best Backpack

The same applies to urban use of the backpack. Are you usually bringing with you the bare minimum, or do you tend to bring with you everything you think might be useful?

Well, everyone has their own ideas on this. Our advice is to always bring essentials with you, leaving home unnecessary objects!

When we are going to choose the best hiking backpack we must also evaluate the number of pockets, both internal and external. Let’s also check internal compartments of the model we are going to buy. This aspect is important to allow us to arrange the load in a balanced way. If we have a badly balanced load inside our backpack, regardless of the quality of the backpack we will get tired sooner.

In addition to the number of pockets, it is also important to check the type of pockets present. Suppose you are leaving for an hike, and want to bring with you one or more pockets of water (yes, there are pockets designed specifically for water!). Or as we saw above, think of often bringing your laptop with you. In this case you’d better check for a laptop compartment!

The Best Backpacks Adapt To Your Build!

Here we only want to mention the topic of backpack adjustments (a discussion that we will go into greater detail below). Given the difference in height and build between one person and another, it is essential that the backpack is adjustable as finely as possible. Only in this way the backpack can adapt well to your body, so that you can carry the load as comfortably as possible.

What Are the Best Backpacks?

How to Choose the Best Backpack?

When you are going to purchase the best rucksack, you need to keep these aspects in mind:

Trekking Backpack
  • Comfort
  • Materials
  • Settings
  • Value for Money

Best Rucksacks: Comfort

Back, shoulder straps and hip belts: these parts of the backpack are always in contact with your body. To avoid excessive sweating, these parts must be made of breathable materials.

Given that often our backpack has a significant weight, it’s important for our comfort during treks that the back, shoulder straps and hip belts are also well padded. Without a lot of cushioning, we would risk that, under the weight of the load, the shoulder straps would put too much pressure with consequent discomfort. Straps must help taking weight off your shoulders!

The best trekking backpacks have a shaped back so that there’s always some air between our back and the backpack, to ensure maximum ventilation.

Backpack Materials

In order to limit the weight to a minimum, the frame and other materials that make up our backpack must be as light as possible. This becomes more important, the longer and more demanding is the excursion we plan to do.

Backpack Straps

At the same time, the frame must be sufficiently robust to support the load. Finally, let’s take care to check the quality of the seams, zips and straps.

A fundamental characteristic of the best backpacks is also the water resistance, considering that during our hikes it will rain sometimes.

From what we have just seen, it’s clear that our backpack must be made of light and resistant materials. This is why we recommend only the best backpacks manufacturing companies.

Backpack Adjustments

The possibility of adjusting the backpack as much as possible is decisive for doing as little effort as possible and being comfortable when hiking.

We need to keep in mind the possibility of adjusting the following parts of the backpack:

  • hip belts
  • shoulder straps
  • waist belt
  • back panel height

Considering the difference in body size, it is easy to understand the importance of these adjustments. All these adjustments allow a perfect adaptation to our body. We would like to say that, if it is true that these adjustments are particularly important in the case of the best hiking rucksacks, they should not be underestimated even if you have to purchase a city backpack or a backpack for travelling.

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