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Best Electric Brooms 2020 - Cordless Stick Vacuums - NextLevelTips.com
Best Electric Brooms 2020 – Cordless Stick Vacuums

Best Electric Brooms 2020 – Cordless Stick Vacuums

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Electric Broom

Hi! Welcome to our guide to how to choose the best electric brooms!

As you already know, the vacuum cleaner is great for your home because it allows you to collect all the dirt and dust. If you want to learn more about vacuum cleaners, see our article on the topic.

Unfortunately a normal vacuum cleaner can sometimes be a bit difficult to use in narrow spaces and small areas.

If this is a problem for you then you might think about buying the best electric broom or a stick vacuum.

But let’s now try to better analyze what actually differentiates an electric broom or stick vacuum from a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Best Electric Brooms: Differences with Vacuum Cleaners

The best electric broom is ideal for daily cleaning. While the traditional vacuum cleaner, due to its size and bulk, is mainly used for weekly cleaning, the electric broom, which is light, manageable, practical and fast, can be used more frequently to keep the house tidy.

Cyclonic Motor

Even if a stick vacuum cleaner is usually not as powerful as a normal vacuum cleaner, it is much more practical for immediate use.

An electric broom is composed of a body in which the motor, filter and any dust bag are located.

The (usually telescopic) wand connects the motor with the rolling brush. On the upper side there’s the handle and power controls.

There’s a wide variety of electric broom models on the market, all of them coming with different features and prices.

But don’t worry! We’re here to help you find the best electric broom for your house cleaning!

What Are the Best Electric Brooms?

How To Choose the Best Electric Broom?

Floor Cleaning

When choosing your new electric broom, consider the following:

  • Cordless or corded
  • Bagged or Bagless
  • Filter
  • Energy Class
  • Ergonomics
  • Noise Level
  • Value for Money

Best Electric Brooms: Cordless or Corded

There are two electric broom types:

  • Corded electric brooms
  • Cordless electric brooms

A cordless electric broom has this great advantage of giving you total freedom to move around your home without having to deal with any cord.

On the other hand, cordless electric brooms have lower suction power. You then have to deal with battery life. Consider that the broom needs to be recharged from time to time and this operation could take half an hour or so. If your electric broom battery is low-quality, battery will die before finishing the cleaning!

Best Electric Brooms: Bagless or Bagged

Let’s see now the pros and cons of having or not having the bag. There are 2 possibilities:

Stick Vacuum Maintenance
  • Bagless electric brooms
  • Bagged electric brooms

The best bagged electric brooms collect dust and any type of dirt into…well, into a bag of course! When the bag fills up, it has to be thrown away and replaced with a new and empty bag.

This is obviously a very simple operation, minimizing the maintenance of your electric broom.

If you decide to buy a bagged electric broom, also get replacement bags so that you always have them handy when you need a new one.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to depend on bags (and pay for replacement bags!), get a bagless broom. This is also the most environment friendly choice!

These brooms are based on innovative cyclonic technology. The air flow is channeled into a turbine that ends up separating the air from the dust by depositing the latter in a container. Periodically you will need to empty this container and wash it, but this is an easy maintenance job.

Best Stick Vacuums: Filter

The air sucked in by your electric broom is then returned to the environment. The best electric brooms make sure that the amount of dust returned to the environment is minimal. And if people with particular allergies live in your home, this is even more important.

For this to be possible the broom must be equipped with a technologically advanced filter. The HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is certainly the best filter type, so make sure that your new electric broom is equipped with this filter.

Best Electric Brooms: Power and Energy Class

Best Stick Vacuum

As already mentioned, electric brooms are normally characterized by a lower suction power than traditional vacuum cleaners. This is mainly due to the fact that to be smaller and more practical, they have slightly more compact and less powerful motors.

In any case, in order to make your cleaning more efficient, you should choose a powerful electric broom so you won’t have to sweep the same spots several times to collect the dust.

When it comes to power, always pay close attention to the Watts. The more Watts, the greater the power. You will have no difficulty finding this information because it is always clearly visible both on the packaging and in the product description.

If you’ve opted for a cordless electric broom, check the Volts well. A cordless electric broom with many Volts has more power and autonomy than another electric broom with less Volts.

The downside of a greater power is that it requires greater electricity consumption and therefore a more expensive electricity bill.

The only way to minimize the impact on your electricity bill is to choose a broom having energy class A.

Class A products have very low consumption, and this is also good for our planet. Class A products are the most efficient and built with the most innovative technologies on the market.

Best Stick Vacuums: Ergonomics

Cyclonic Vacuum

If you’ve decided to buy the best electric broom it’s probably because you need a light and handy cleaning tool.

When purchasing an electric broom, make sure the product is really light. It is better for the broom weight to be below 8-9 pounds (about 4 kg).

Materials are also important because they affect the electric broom robustness and weight. In general, avoid extremely cheap electric brooms because they could be built with poor materials.

Best Electric Brooms: Noise Level

Noise level is an interesting aspect to keep in mind especially if you live in a block of flats or if you’re used to do cleaning while someone is resting at home.

Just like all the other vacuum cleaners, the electric brooms can be quite noisy.

Noise level is measured in dB and normally the best electric brooms are below 80 dB.

Learn More About the Best Electric Brooms