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Best Electric Shavers For Men 2020 - Razors For Sensitive Skin - NextLevelTips.com
Best Electric Shavers For Men 2020 – Razors For Sensitive Skin

Best Electric Shavers For Men 2020 – Razors For Sensitive Skin

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Hi, welcome to our guide to the best electric shavers for men!

Best Electric Razors For Men

The electric razor is an indispensable object that many of us use every day. This is why we want to be always up to date and know how to choose the best electric shaver for men.

Today a wide variety of electric razors are available on the market, having different characteristics. Even some of the best electric shavers use totally different shaving technologies! The best razor has become a technological object of which it is not always easy to grasp the features at first sight, but luckily we are there to help you!

The first thing we feel we can say, considering we use the shaver that often, is that it’s better to rely on the best brands. For example, if you rely on market leaders like Philips and Braun you will already have a guarantee of excellent quality.

Foil Shavers and Rotary Shavers

We first have to distinguish between, two razor categories based on how the hair is cut. However, let’s say right away that both of these cutting methods, which are the most common, allow close shaves.

Rotary Blades

We are talking about:

  • Foil shavers: hairs are captured in the holes of the edges and are cut by the blades inside.
  • Rotary shavers: usually consisting of three rotating circular blades that act on an area of ​​the face that is usually larger than the blade razors, for a faster shave.

In general terms, it is not possible to establish which of the two facial hair shaving methods is to be preferred. We think it depends mainly on factors such as habit and personal preference. We know well how important and subjective is the perception of quality of shaving, which also depends on the type of beard and the type of skin that each of us has.

What Shaving Habits Do You Have?

We also want you to think about the different types of use we make of the electric razor. Some of us shave every day, others prefer to shave less frequently. Choosing the best electric shaver is therefore an absolutely subjective question.

Foil Shaver

Some of us are mainly interested in speed, which is the time needed to shave completely. Others instead style their beards in various shapes and styles (geometric, goatee, stubble beard, etc.). In these cases the shaving process could take longer, and therefore the shaving speed factor could be as important as other aspects, like the number and type of bundled accessories and specific heads for styling the beard.

Now that you have identified the use you intend to make of your new razor, we can go on with learning even more about the best electric shavers for men.

What Are the Best Electric Shavers For Men?

How To Choose the Best Electric Shaver For Men?

Close Shave

When you are thinking of buying an electric shaver, you need to keep in mind:

  • Shaving Quality
  • Ergonomics
  • Features
  • Accessories
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

Shaving Quality

The quality of shaving is the most important parameter in choosing the best electric shavers. The closer our hair is cut, the better the shaving.

Each of the main manufacturers has developed shaving systems that allow a close cut of the hair. In the descriptions of each electric razor you will find the shaving system with which it is equipped.

Moreover, since our time is precious, we must take into consideration the time it takes for a complete shave of the face. In this sense, a wider surface of shaving, like that offered by razors with three rotary blades, can imply a shorter time needed for face shave. On the other hand, foil razors, with a generally smaller shaving surface, can offer better shaving precision.

Cordless Razor For Men

Finally it is important for the razor not to irritate our skin, thus not causing redness. This aspect can be subjective and depending not only on the razor chosen, but also on the type of skin you have.

Best Electric Shavers for Men: Ergonomics

A characteristic not to be underestimated in the choice of the best razor is certainly the quality of the handle. In our opinion, ergonomic handles are to be preferred, because they allow a firmer grip and give the ability to easily follow the contours of our face. This contributes significantly to a good shaving experience.

A comfortable handle allows good razor maneuverability, and makes it easy for you to reach every corner of your face.

Features of the Best Electric Shavers

Some of the best electric shavers are waterproof, so we can wash them under running water. Washing the razor under tap water is undoubtedly a great convenience. Considering a water-resistant shaver is not just a matter of greater cleaning speed, but also because the resulting level of cleanliness is certainly more thorough than in the case of dry cleaning.

Water Resistant Shaver

Some razors can even be used in the shower, and even with creams and shaving gel!

On the best models of electric shavers it is possible not only to regulate the power and therefore the blade speed, but there is also a turbo function to deliver maximum power in case of particularly thick beard.

Best Electric Razors for Men: Accessories

Bundled with each quality shaver, you’ll usually find a kit of brushes for cleaning the razor components.

Also check the range of included accessories, such as additional trimming heads for precision shaving.

Some of the best electric razors also have accessories that allow you to adjust the length of the beard.

There are models that come with other types of accessories, such as travel cases.

Best Electric Shaver: Battery Life

In our opinion, the best electric razors are the cordless ones.

Beard Trimmer

We believe that cordless shavers offer the maximum freedom while shaving, thus resulting in a comfortable shaving experience. By choosing one of the best cordless shavers for men, you won’t have the problem of entangling in the power cable anymore!

All electric cordless razors are necessarily equipped with a rechargeable battery.

In this sense battery life becomes very important. We want of course to purchase a cordless shaver that allows us to make a high number of shaves with one full recharge.

We don’t want to recharge our razor too often, or go short of energy in the middle of the shave!

Some of the best men’s electric shavers also have the possibility of fast charging. This means that, with just a few minutes of charging (even just 5 minutes), our razor battery will have accumulated enough charge to guarantee a complete shave.

Learn More About the Best Electric Shavers For Men