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Best Fitness Trackers 2020 - SmartBands for Swimming and Running - NextLevelTips.com
Best Fitness Trackers 2020 – SmartBands for Swimming and Running

Best Fitness Trackers 2020 – SmartBands for Swimming and Running

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Hello and welcome to our guide to choosing the best fitness trackers!

Fitness Tracker For Running

Are you thinking that your life is too sedentary, and that you should better lose a few pounds?

Do you want to be in better shape and increase muscle tone?

Are you a sportsman and would you like to have detailed information about your training?

These are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider buying one of the best fitness bracelets.

What are Fitness Trackers?

Fitness trackers are wearable devices that allow us to monitor our sports performance during training.

Examples of measurable parameters during physical activity are:

  • average speed
  • instantaneous speed
  • distance traveled
  • steps taken during the day
  • calories burned

By estimating the calories burned during daily activities, and taking into account the calories accumulated during meals, we can roughly calculate our daily caloric balance. This is one of the basic information when our goal is to achieve better fitness.

What Vital Parameters Can You Monitor with a Fitness Tracker?

A very interesting feature of the best activity trackers is the possibility to monitor some vital parameters during the time in which we wear them.

Best Fitness Tracker

It will therefore be possible not only to measure the distance traveled during our jogging session, but also (if the appropriate sensor is present) to monitor our heart rate throughout the day.

As we understand from this introduction, it is clear that the features of the best smartbands are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They are also used to monitor the rhythm of sleep, and give us valuable statistics on the quality of our night’s rest (such as the exact duration and times of light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep).

From now on the dual utility of fitness trackers emerges: to push us to make more movement during the day, and make rest better during the night. If we could achieve both goals, it would result in a better quality of life and greater well-being.

Fitness Trackers: Ways To Use

Considering the great variety of features offered by the activity trackers currently on the market, it is first of all necessary to reflect on the use we intend to make of them. In fact, there is no absolute best fitness tracker, but rather there are smartbands more suited to certain purposes.

Let’s see what some typical uses could be:

  • occasional use: such as going to the park to take a jog every now and then. In this case the basic functionalities, common to many activity trackers, may be sufficient to measure distance, time and speed
  • intensive use: as in the case of athletes who carry out long and frequent training sessions
  • continuous monitoring: for example those who want to constantly record their heart rate or their sleep.

It is therefore clear that the type of use varies substantially from person to person. The goal of our guide is precisely to help you identify the best fitness tracker for you, or the one that can perfectly adapt to your lifestyle and the intensity and frequency of your workouts.

Now that you’ve identified the use you intend to make of your new smartband, let’s discover together the models that our editorial team has included in the list of the best fitness bands on the market!

What Are the Best Fitness Trackers?

How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker?

When you are thinking of buying a smartband, you need to keep these factors in mind:

Activity Trackers
  • Functionality
  • Display
  • Fit and materials
  • Battery Life
  • Value for money

Fitness Tracker Functionalities

Some of the main features of the best fitness bracelets depend primarily on the number and type of sensors installed on the device.

As an example we report below some of the most useful and most widespread sensors:

  • infrared sensor that detects contact with the wrist
  • accelerometer
  • some of the best smartbands are equipped with an HR sensor to record your heart rate

Often, however, there is no GPS, but the best activity trackers can share the geolocalizer of your mobile phone, thus improving the measurement of distance traveled, your running speed, etc.

The functionalities of our bracelet also depends on the operating system (for example Android Wear or Tizen) and the software in terms of installed applications.

Finally, the compatibility of the smartband with the main mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS is important. The best fitness trackers can in fact communicate with your mobile phone and display notifications of the apps installed on it.

Transferring data from the fitness tracker to the phone allows you to view all the information stored during your day on the mobile phone display. You will be able to study the statistics on your sports activity, the quality of your night’s rest and your heart rate.

Waterproof Fitness Bracelet

The best fitness tracker companies provide a mobile app (and often also online services) to have the best user experience in consulting your training data.

Best Fitness Trackers: Display

If your goal is to find the best fitness tracker for your needs, you need to consider the quality of the display.

In this sense it is necessary to take into account the size of the display (expressed in inches). Naturally, larger displays should be preferred, compatibly with the convenience of wearability (see next paragraph). A larger display will make it possible to read essential information in a clearer and more user-friendly way.

The readability of the display itself in different lighting conditions is also fundamental. If you do outdoor training on a clear day, you may find yourself looking at the smartband display while you are exposed to direct sunlight. If you do evening training, it is important to check the readability of the display in dark conditions.

Best Fitness Trackers: Wearability and Materials

The best activity trackers must be comfortable to wear, in order to forget about having them on the wrist while practicing sports. In this sense, the smartband must be as light as possible.

The strap must be adjustable to adapt to different wrist sizes. Even the material with which the strap is made (for example: silicone) must guarantee lightness and comfort.

Fitness Tracker Notifications

Considering that we will often use our fitness tracker during training sessions, it will be subjected to sweat or weather in case of outdoor activities.

It is therefore important that our smartband is built with qualitative materials and resistant to stress and water.

In addition to the resistance to water splashes and sweat drops, it is important to note that some smartbands are even waterproof up to a certain depth, making them suitable for swimming.

Finally, we cannot neglect the design of the smartband, and also in this sense we must note that there is a great variety of shapes and colors. The best fitness tracker must look nice and be well integrated with the rest of our clothing (sports or not, as we will often wear our fitness bracelet throughout the day). To maximize the possibility of combining the smartband with clothing, the best fitness trackers have the possibility to change the strap, being able to choose between bracelets of various colors.

Battery Life

All the best smartbands are equipped with a rechargeable battery. Battery life is therefore one of the fundamental characteristics of the best fitness tracker and should not be overlooked at the time of purchase. A good battery life will prevent us from having to recharge our device often, and it will make the exhaustion of the charge during a particularly long training unlikely.

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