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Best Protein Powders 2020 - Muscle Gain - NextLevelTips.com
Best Protein Powders 2020 – Muscle Gain

Best Protein Powders 2020 – Muscle Gain

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Protein Powder

Hello and welcome to our guide to the best protein powders, we are sure that our experts will give you lots of useful information on how to choose the best product for your workouts.

Protein supplements are essential for building muscles and for recharging and strengthening muscle mass after a working out.

Protein powders obviously do not have the same taste as normal foods such as meat, eggs, fish or legumes. They should therefore not be considered a substitute for food but rather an integration to it.

However, protein shakes have the following advantages:

  1. They have a very high concentration of proteins.
  2. They have very few carbohydrates and fats and therefore very few calories.
  3. They allow food to be reinstated more quickly.
  4. High bioavailability: in fact, they quickly reach the circulatory system.

What Are the Best Protein Powders?

What Are the Benefits of a Protein Shakes?

Exercising to increase or maintain muscle mass such as lifting weights increases your body’s need for protein.

In these conditions protein powders can be important to obtain optimal results.

Protein Powder Muscle

They guarantee a direct increase in protein intake but without the risk of introducing excess carbohydrates and fats.

Secondly, they cost much less than other protein sources, such as meat and fish.

Protein powders allow you both to improve muscle mass and strength during resistance training.

Furthermore, if you are trying to lose weight, protein supplements also contribute to increasing the sense of fullness.

What Are the Types of Protein Powders?

There are different types of proteins and the properties can vary. Protein powders differ according to the type of proteins they contain. The main sources of useful proteins are:

  • Whey (also known as Whey Protein): normally milk is made up of 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein. Through micro and ultrafiltration whey proteins are selected to produce these supplements. They are among the most used by bodybuilders.
  • Casein: it is obtained from milk (as mentioned above it represents 80% of proteins). They are less used than whey because they are more difficult to digest.
  • Eggs: they are a valid alternative to milk proteins. Essential if you are allergic to dairy products.
  • Peas: they are an organic and vegan alternative. These proteins are particularly suitable for those who are allergic to dairy products or those suffering from bloating.
  • Brown rice: they are another valid vegan alternative.

Are Protein Powders Bioavailable?

Protein Powder Ingredients

Each food contains different nutrients each with its own unique properties. These properties can undergo changes based on the transformation and cooking processes to which foods are subjected.

Bioavailability is that portion of nutrient that the body is able to absorb and use.

Protein powders from this point of view represent the best solution because they have a very high bioavailability.

Talking about bioavailability, supplements based on whey and egg proteins are the best options. Vegan alternatives, on the other hand, generally have a lower bioavailability.

When Protein Powders Should Be Taken?

Protein powders should be taken mainly in 3 moments:

  1. Right after waking up.
  2. Right before or immediately after a training session.
  3. As an alternative to a meal when you don’t have that much time.

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