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Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers 2020 - Value For Money - NextLevelTips.com
Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers 2020 – Value For Money

Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers 2020 – Value For Money

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Welcome to our guide to the best ultrasonic essential oil diffusers!

Essential Oil Diffuser Home Fragrance

If you have arrived here, you will probably want to make your home even more welcoming by giving it a relaxing and soothing fragrance, in line with your taste and your personality.

The perfect home fragrance can make our house even warmer and more hospitable for both us and our guests. Choosing the best ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and the proper fragrance is not always an easy task. It is therefore important to know how to recognize the best electric essential oil diffusers and their main aspects.

In fact, today there is a great variety of essential oil diffusers on the market, even if we limit ourselves (as we do in this guide) to considering only the ultrasonic essential oil diffusers (which are the best category in our opinion, read on for further details on their operation).

But there is also a huge variety of frangrances available, and it is therefore possible to find exactly what we prefer, giving our home an even more personal and unique touch.

Essential Oil Fragrances

Which essential oil fragrances are you going to use together with your new diffuser? Let’s see some of the most common essential oil fragrances we can choose from.

Essential Oils

This is a list of essential oil fragrances we can find (in reality the types are so many, that you have to take this as a purely indicative list):

  • various types of citrus fruit oils (e.g.: orange)
  • eucalyptus
  • melissa
  • magnolia
  • juniper
  • lavender
  • sandal
  • rose
  • pine tree
  • spearmint
  • tea tree
  • lemongrass

In case you want to have various electric diffusers in different rooms of your home, you will have to choose the most suitable type of fragrance for each room. If for the bedroom it will be appropriate to think of delicate scents that help you relax, for the kitchen you could instead consider oils with more vivid and intense characteristics. In short, each person is associated with their own characteristic fragrance … but we must also associate each room with the type of fragrance that suits them!

The quantity of essential oil to be used in the best electric diffusers is very small, in the sense that it is usually sufficient to put a few drops of oil in the water tank of the diffuser. The quantity may vary according to the volume of the room we want to perfume and to personal taste, but in any case it is essential to follow the instructions of the device manufacturer.

Ultrasonic Electric Diffusers

Now that you know about the different fragrance types, let’s focus on the design of the best aroma diffusers. Today, in fact, these devices have become refined furnishing objects, which are produced in many different shapes and materials to better harmonize with the furnishing style of our home. For example, if your home has a modern style, you could be willing to choose an aroma diffuser styled in geomethric shape.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

There are various types of diffusers: spray, candle and electric diffusers. As said, we only focus on the best ultrasonic diffusers, because we think they are the most advanced and easy to use.

The best ultrasonic essential oil diffusers vaporize cold water using ultrasonic technology, which also guarantees excellent silence. Ultrasonic technology makes the device generate cold water vapor (unlike the diffusers that instead heat the water to generate steam: but this last type is of no interest to us).

It is also important that the steam supply is adjustable as finely as possible, and that it is possible to set a continuous or intermittent delivery. This feature is always present in the best electric essential oil diffusers.

Let’s now go in-depth examining the most important features to be evaluated when purchasing the best essential oil diffusers.

What Are the Best Essential Oil Diffusers?

How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Diffuser?

When you are going to purchase one of the best essential oil diffusers, you need to keep these factors in mind:

Add Essential Oil Drops
  • Features
  • Design and Materials
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

What is an Essential Oil Diffuser For?

Home Fragrance

The main function of the best essential oil diffuser is to give your home a special fragrance.

As already mentioned, our home scent is an extremely subjective question. However, there are some guidelines that associate particular aromas to certain rooms in the home.

For example, in the living room we tend to use floral or woody shades (like sandalwood).

As for the bathroom, you could use fresh and / or citrus scents (for example lemon).

Lavender is particularly suitable in the bedroom, as it is soothing and relaxing and can therefore help sleep.

Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy

In reality the best aroma diffusers also perform the function of aromatherapy devices and, if equipped with lighting, chromotherapy as well. Electric diffusers are not intended as medical devices, but aromatherapy and color therapy enthusiasts will find these features interesting.

Electric Diffuser Chromotherapy

Aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine that uses essential oils. Such essential oils are extracted from medicinal plants, and are highly odorous and extremely volatile.

Essential oils are contained in parts of the plant such as roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, bark, wood. The process that is usually used to obtain aromatic extracts is steam distillation, which allows these substances to be separated from water.

Through the essential oil vaporizers, the aromas are diffused in the air. Regardless of the benefits that aromatherapy theorises, in general when we perceive a pleasant smell we tend to have a feeling of well-being at least from a mental, spiritual and emotional point of view.

Electric Essential Oil Diffuser

Thanks to the nebulization of water, the best ultrasonic essential oil diffusers also contribute to humidifying the air. The actual humidifiers, at least the best ones, are however usually characterized by larger capacity water tanks, in order to humidify even large rooms.

Other Useful Features of Essential Oil Vaporizers

Other features that we need to consider when choosing the best essential oil diffuser are:

  • automatic switch-off: when the water tank is empty, the diffuser turns off (in this way electricity is not consumed unnecessarily)
  • the possibility of regulating steam diffusion on various levels of intensity: based on our personal preferences and depending on the size of the room you can adjust the steam supply so that it is more or less strong
  • the possibility of setting different operating modes: continuous or intermittent emission.

The best essential oil diffusers are equipped with timers for a supply of one or more hours, after which they switch off automatically.

Best Aroma Diffusers: Design and materials

Most essential oil diffusers are made mostly of plastic, and this should not be seen as a negative point.

If we’re talking about quality vaporizers, then the plastic makes the diffuser light and sufficiently robust.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Of course materials such as wood, glass or ceramic give the best aroma diffusers even greater build quality.

As we said, electric essential oil diffusers elegance is an important feature to evaluate. Often the best ultrasonic diffusers are equipped with LED light of different chromatic shades, and in some cases have interchangeable covers of various colors.

Essential Oil Diffusers Operating Time

The capacity of the water tank determines the diffuser operating time before a recharge is necessary.

The mode of operation is also important in this regard. As we have seen, the best aroma diffusers give the possibility to regulate the flow of steam in a rather precise manner.

The continuous emission mode is the most expensive, and consequently shortens the operating time of the device.

The intermittent mode, if present, allows for a greater operating time with the same tank capacity.

As we told you above, the best essential oil diffusers turn off automatically when the water runs out, to avoid waste and extend the life of the device itself.

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