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Best Vacuum Cleaners 2020 - Bagless Vacuums and Bagged Ones - NextLevelTips.com
Best Vacuum Cleaners 2020 – Bagless Vacuums and Bagged Ones

Best Vacuum Cleaners 2020 – Bagless Vacuums and Bagged Ones

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Hello and welcome to our guide on how to choose the best vacuum cleaners!

Vacuum Cleaning Floor

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner is very important for cleaning our homes because it allows us to quickly collect dust from surfaces.

Even if your home isn’t huge, you’ll be probably used to dust your floor at least once a week.

Think about whether you had to clean the floors of your home like you used to do in the past, or with a broom and a dustpan: you would spend a lot more time than you can instead dedicate to other, much more rewarding activities!

There are many models of vacuum cleaners on the market with very different characteristics and prices, so we have to see together on what basis we have to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Best Vacuum Cleaners: Just to Clean the Floor?

Today the vacuum cleaner is not just for cleaning floors, but thanks to it you can quickly remove dust from most surfaces in your home. Ok, I think an example list of what you can do with the best vacuum cleaner can help the less familiar ones:

  • remove dust from floors (of course!)
  • dust the fabric-covered sofas
  • dust the fabric armchairs
  • clean many types of carpets
  • vacuum the dust from various types of upholstery

It is clear that if the maximum suction power is required to clean the floors, to dust off more delicate surfaces the suction power must be adjusted to softer levels.

A deep cleaning of sofas, carpets and various types of upholstery is often achieved by connecting specific brushes to the suction pipe (that’s why the supply of different type of brushes is one of the factors to be considered at the time of purchase).

The first advice I can give you is to rely only on products of the most renowned brands, such as Rowenta, Hoover, Dyson, Bosch vacuum cleaners.

Ok, let’s see now a list of the best vacuum cleaners for our experts, and let’s deepen the most important technical characteristics.

What Are the Best Vacuum Cleaners?

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re going to purchase a vacuum cleaner, you need to keep these factors in mind:

  • Type: cyclone vacuum cleaner, bagless or bagged
  • Filter
  • Energy class
  • Ergonomics
  • Noise level: how silent the vacuum cleaner is
  • Value for money

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

The first important decision to make to evaluate the best vacuum cleaners is they use a dust bag or not. We therefore immediately distinguish between:

  • bagged vacuum cleaners
  • bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagged vacuum cleaners are the most traditional ones. The captured dust settles inside a large bag. When the bag is full, it must be removed and replaced with a new, empty one.

The best bagged vacuum cleaners make replacing the bag a very simple operation that will take a very short time, but you need to get spare bags compatible with your vacuum cleaner.

The best bagless vacuum cleaners are instead based on cyclonic technology: the dust pushed by an air turbine is deposited in a compact plastic tank. When the tank is full it must be emptied and thoroughly cleaned.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Therefore bagless vacuum cleaners require a minimum maintenance compared to the bagged ones, but bagless cleaners have the advantage of not depending on the spare bags, avoiding a further cost and being the most ecological choice.

To be precise, there actually are two types of cyclonic systems.

The first is the monocyclonic type and is based on a single cyclone generated around an inverted conical structure. This system separates up to 75% of the dust from the air.

The second is the multi-cyclonic one, which foresees the presence of more cones upside down inside the box in order to generate more cyclones. This system is more efficient and separates more than 95% of the dust from the air, minimizing the dust load on the filters.

What Is A Vacuum Cleaner Filter For?

Perhaps at first you didn’t think about it, but obviously the air sucked in by the vacuum cleaner is then returned to the environment: all the vacuum cleaners are therefore equipped with a filter.

But be careful! Not all filters are the same … let’s see why.

The filter is a very important component of the vacuum cleaner because the air sucked in, before being returned to the environment, must be purified of dust and bacteria.

When it comes to the filter it is always good to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a technologically advanced filter such as the HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air).

Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

It is composed of microfibres filtering sheets arranged in several layers and separated by aluminum partitions. These microfiber filter sheets block the solid polluting particles present in the air flow that passes through them.

HEPA filters have a high filtration efficiency. In particular, they have a filtration efficiency of between 85% and 99.995%.

All the best vacuum cleaners have the HEPA filter.

Vacuum Cleaner Energy Class

The power of a vacuum cleaner depends on the Watts (symbol: W) that are always indicated on the packaging.

In general, the more Watts there are, the greater the suction power.

Given that power consumption also depends on watts, we have to always buy energy class A or higher vacuum cleaners in order to have maximum performance with the best savings on your electricity bill (while achieving maximum respect for the environment).

The best vacuum cleaners are at least class A, or better.

Remember that dirty filters may degrade performance, so we recommend cleaning them periodically.

Best Vacuum Cleaner: Ergonomics and Accessories

To evaluate the best vacuum cleaners, we have to consider its ergonomics and maneuverability.

Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Tool

An excellent vacuum cleaner should be convenient to carry because you will have to use it at home, even in tight spaces.

For this reason you need small dimensions and weight especially if you have to move from one floor to another.

Also take a look at shape of the handles, and be careful about the wand. The wand must be adjustable to reach even the most difficult points like under the beds or furniture.

To reach the tightest corners it is also important to evaluate the range of accessories. The best vacuum cleaners are in fact equipped with various types of nozzles and brushes of various shapes and sizes.

Most of the vacuum cleaners have a tool to dust the bare floor. Then check for included tools for crevice and upholstery as well. Sometimes you can find tools dedicated to carpets, and to parquet floor.

For example, the narrow and long nozzle is perfect for reaching tight spaces. Some nozzles can be equipped with a joint so that you can orient it with the most proper angle.

Best Vacuum Cleaner: How Silent Are They?

If you live in a block of flats or if you are using vacuum cleaner while someone is at home, you should probably pay attention to how noisy it is. Noise is measured in decibels (symbol: dB).

By its nature the vacuum cleaner must necessarily generate a certain level of noise, which is usually higher with increasing power. Typically, however, the best vacuum cleaners are not very noisy because they are made with materials that absorb vibrations and because the engine is well sealed inside the body. On the market it is possible to find models that emit only 70 dB which all in all is a good value for this type of equipment.

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